#help_index "File/Cmd Line (Typically);Cmd Line (Typically)" public U8 *DBlk(I64 blk,Bool write=FALSE) {//Dump disk block. Optionally, write. //If you set write to TRUE, the block will //be written when you press <ESC>. //See ::/Demo/Dsk/DskRaw.HC. U8 *buf=MAlloc(BLK_SIZE); BlkRead(Fs->cur_dv,buf,blk,1); DocD(buf,BLK_SIZE); if (write) { "Edit and press <ESC> to write or <SHIFT-ESC>\n"; if (View) { "Write\n"; BlkWrite(Fs->cur_dv,buf,blk,1); } } return buf; } public U8 *DClus(I64 c,Bool write=FALSE,I64 num=0) {//Dump disk clus. Optionally, write. //If you set write to TRUE, the clus will //be written when you press <ESC>. //See ::/Demo/Dsk/DskRaw.HC. //Do Dir("*",TRUE); to get clus numbers of files. U8 *buf=MAlloc(Fs->cur_dv->spc<<BLK_SIZE_BITS); c=ClusNumNext(Fs->cur_dv,c,num); ClusRead(Fs->cur_dv,buf,c,1); "Clus:%X\n",c; DocD(buf,Fs->cur_dv->spc<<BLK_SIZE_BITS); if (write) { "Edit and press <ESC> to write or <SHIFT-ESC>\n"; if (View) { "Write\n"; ClusWrite(Fs->cur_dv,buf,c,1); } } return buf; } public U8 *Dump(U8 *filename,Bool write=FALSE) {//Dump file. Optionally, write. //If you set write to TRUE, the file will //be written when you press <ESC>. U8 *buf; I64 size; if (buf=FileRead(filename,&size)) { DocD(buf,size); if (write) { "Edit and press <ESC> to write or <SHIFT-ESC>\n"; if (View) { "Write\n"; FileWrite(filename,buf,size); } } } return buf; } public Bool Copy(U8 *src_files_find_mask,U8 *dst_files_find_mask=".") {//Copy files. //If the name ends in ".Z", it will //be stored compressed. If not ".Z" //it will be stored uncompressed. Bool res=TRUE; CDirContext *dirc; CDirEntry *tmpde,*tmpde1; U8 *st; if (!(tmpde1=FilesFind(src_files_find_mask,FUF_CLUS_ORDER))) return FALSE; if (IsDir(dst_files_find_mask)) { if (dirc=DirContextNew(dst_files_find_mask,TRUE)) { tmpde=tmpde1; while (tmpde) { if (!(tmpde->attr & RS_ATTR_DIR)) { st=FileNameAbs(tmpde->name); if (!CopySingle(tmpde->full_name,st)) res=FALSE; Free(st); } tmpde=tmpde->next; } DirContextDel(dirc); } DirTreeDel(tmpde1); return res; } else { DirTreeDel(tmpde1); return CopySingle(src_files_find_mask,dst_files_find_mask); } } public Bool Move(U8 *f1,U8 *f2) {//Move files from one location to another or rename. if (Copy(f1,f2)) { Del(f1); return TRUE; } return FALSE; } I64 CopyTree2(CDirEntry *tmpde,I64 src_dir_len,I64 dst_dir_len,U8 *dst_dir) { U8 *st; I64 res=1; while (tmpde) { st=MAlloc(StrLen(tmpde->full_name)+dst_dir_len+2); MemCpy(st,dst_dir,dst_dir_len); StrCpy(st+dst_dir_len,tmpde->full_name+src_dir_len); if (tmpde->attr & RS_ATTR_DIR) { DirMk(st,LinkedLstCnt(tmpde->sub)); res+=CopyTree2(tmpde->sub,src_dir_len,dst_dir_len,dst_dir); } else if (CopySingle(tmpde->full_name,st)) res++; Free(st); tmpde=tmpde->next; } return res; } public I64 CopyTree(U8 *src_files_find_mask,U8 *dst_files_find_mask, Bool no_mask=TRUE) {//Copy directory tree. //Returns the count of copied files (not dirs). CDirContext *dirc; CDirEntry *tmpde=NULL; I64 res=0,i1,i2; U8 *st1,*st2; st1=DirNameAbs(src_files_find_mask); st2=DirNameAbs(dst_files_find_mask); i1=StrLen(st1); if (!StrNCmp(st1,st2,i1) && (st2[i1]=='/' || !st2[i1]) ) { Free(st1); Free(st2); return 0; } Free(st1); Free(st2); if (dirc=DirContextNew(src_files_find_mask,TRUE,,no_mask)) { tmpde=FilesFind(dirc->mask,FUF_RECURSE); st1=DirCur; DirContextDel(dirc); i1=StrLen(st1); if (i1==3) i1--; if (dirc=DirContextNew(dst_files_find_mask,TRUE,TRUE)) { st2=DirCur; i2=StrLen(st2); if (i2==3) i2--; res=CopyTree2(tmpde,i1,i2,st2); DirContextDel(dirc); Free(st2); } DirTreeDel(tmpde); Free(st1); } return res; } I64 DelTreeDirs(CDirEntry *tmpde1) { I64 res=0; CDirEntry *tmpde2; while (tmpde1) { tmpde2=tmpde1->next; if (tmpde1->attr & RS_ATTR_DIR) { if (tmpde1->sub) res+=DelTreeDirs(tmpde1->sub); res+=Del(tmpde1->full_name,TRUE,TRUE); } DirEntryDel(tmpde1); tmpde1=tmpde2; } return res; } I64 DelTreeFiles(CDirEntry *tmpde1) { I64 res=0; CDirEntry *tmpde2; while (tmpde1) { tmpde2=tmpde1->next; if (tmpde1->attr & RS_ATTR_DIR) { if (tmpde1->sub) res+=DelTreeFiles(tmpde1->sub); } else res+=Del(tmpde1->full_name,FALSE,TRUE); DirEntryDel(tmpde1); tmpde1=tmpde2; } return res; } public I64 DelTree(U8 *files_find_mask,U8 *fu_flags=NULL) {//Delete directory tree. I64 res=0,fuf_flags=0; ScanFlags(&fuf_flags,Define("ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS"),"+r"); ScanFlags(&fuf_flags,Define("ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS"),fu_flags); if (IsDir(files_find_mask)) { res=DelTreeDirs(FilesFind(files_find_mask,fuf_flags)); res+=Del(files_find_mask,TRUE,TRUE); res+=Del(files_find_mask,FALSE,TRUE); } else res=DelTreeFiles(FilesFind(files_find_mask,fuf_flags)); return res; } U0 TouchFile(U8 *filename,U8 *attr,CDate cdt=I64_MIN) { CDrv *dv=Let2Drv(*filename); CDirEntry de; U8 *cur_dir=StrNew(filename),buf[STR_LEN]; if (FileFind(filename,&de,FUF_JUST_FILES)) { Free(de.full_name); if (!StrCmp(attr,"+?")) "%-48ts %s\n",filename,StrPrintFlags(buf,Define("ST_FILE_ATTRS"),de.attr); else { StrFirstRem(cur_dir,":"); StrLastRem(cur_dir,"/"); if (!*cur_dir) StrCpy(cur_dir,"/"); ScanFlags(&de.attr,Define("ST_FILE_ATTRS"),attr); if (cdt==I64_MIN) de.datetime=Now; else de.datetime=cdt; DirNew(dv,cur_dir,&de,FALSE); } } else PrintErr("File not found: \"%s\".\n",filename); Free(cur_dir); } public U0 Touch(U8 *files_find_mask="*",U8 *attr="+?", U8 *fu_flags=NULL,CDate cdt=I64_MIN) {/*Touch file attributes and DateTime. Default lists attributes. attr: "+?" =show current "+T" =resident RS_ATTR_READ_ONLY ST_FILE_ATTRS To Set DateL: Touch(filename,"",,datetime); */ I64 fuf_flags=0; CDirEntry *tmpde,*tmpde1; ScanFlags(&fuf_flags,Define("ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS"),"+f+F"); ScanFlags(&fuf_flags,Define("ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS"),fu_flags); tmpde=tmpde1=FilesFind(files_find_mask,fuf_flags); while (tmpde) { TouchFile(tmpde->full_name,attr,cdt); tmpde=tmpde->next; } DirTreeDel(tmpde1); }