//See Install Documentation. //Study my account examples: Cfg Strs, Update Funs #include "BootMHD" #include "BootMHD2" #help_index "Install" #define BOOT_DIR "/0000Boot" //Stage 2 of master boot loader #define BOOT_DIR_BOOTMHD2_BIN_C BOOT_DIR "/BootMHD2.BIN.C" //Old master boot record #define BOOT_DIR_OLDMBR_BIN_C BOOT_DIR "/OldMBR.BIN.C" public U0 BootMHDOldRead(U8 src_drv,U8 dst_drv) {//Reads MBR from disk drive containing src partition. //Writes a single blk file to dst BOOT_DIR. CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(src_drv); CDrv *dv; CMasterBoot mbr; Drv(dst_drv); dv=Fs->cur_dv; if (dv->fs_type!=FSt_REDSEA && dv->fs_type!=FSt_FAT32) PrintErr("File System Not Supported\n"); else { //Bypass partition bounds-checking BlkDevLock(bd); ATAReadBlks(bd,&mbr,0,1); BlkDevUnlock(bd); Drv(dst_drv); DirMk(BOOT_DIR); FileWrite(BOOT_DIR_OLDMBR_BIN_C,&mbr,BLK_SIZE); } } public U0 BootMHDOldWrite(U8 src_drv,U8 dst_drv) {//Reads OldMBR from src drive BOOT_DIR. //writes it to the MBR of the drive with dst partition. CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(dst_drv); CMasterBoot *mbr; Drv(src_drv); if (mbr=FileRead(BOOT_DIR_OLDMBR_BIN_C)) { //Bypass partition bounds-checking BlkDevLock(bd); ATAWriteBlks(bd,mbr,0,1); BlkDevUnlock(bd); } Free(mbr); } public U0 BootMHDZero(U8 dst_drv) {//Set MBR of disk with dst partition to zero. //This is dangerous!! //The TempleOS partitioner doesn't play well //with other operating systems at this time and you need //to do this on a drive partitioned by TempleOS //if you wish to partition with another operating system. CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(dst_drv); CMasterBoot mbr; MemSet(&mbr,0,BLK_SIZE); //Bypass partition bounds-checking BlkDevLock(bd); ATAWriteBlks(bd,&mbr,0,1); BlkDevUnlock(bd); } public Bool BootMHDIns(U8 drv_let,U8 *drv_lst=NULL) {//Create new MBR on the disk that has drv_let as a partition. //Puts stage 2 in BOOT_DIR of drv_let. CBlkDev *bd,*bd1; CDrv *dv,*p1; CMasterBoot mbr; CDirEntry de; I64 i,j,size,*_q; U8 *menu_ptr,*ptr,ch,buf[STR_LEN]; Bool res=FALSE; try { if (drv_lst) { StrCpy(buf,drv_lst); StrUtil(buf,SUF_TO_UPPER); } else { j=0; for (i='A';i<='Z';i++) buf[j++]=i; buf[j++]=0; } Drv(drv_let); dv=Fs->cur_dv; if (dv->fs_type!=FSt_REDSEA && dv->fs_type!=FSt_FAT32) PrintErr("File System Not Supported\n"); else { bd=dv->bd; if (!FileFind(BOOT_DIR_OLDMBR_BIN_C,,FUF_JUST_FILES)) BootMHDOldRead(drv_let,drv_let); _q=BMHD2_BLK_ARRAY; MemSet(_q,0,sizeof(I64)*8); menu_ptr=BMHD2_BOOT_MSG; StrPrint(menu_ptr,"\n\r\n\rTempleOS Boot Loader\n\r\n\r"); j=0; if (FileFind(BOOT_DIR_OLDMBR_BIN_C,&de,FUF_JUST_FILES)) { Free(de.full_name); *_q++=Clus2Blk(dv,de.clus); CatPrint(menu_ptr,"0. Old Boot Record\n\r"); j++; } ptr=buf; while (ch=*ptr++) { if ((p1=Let2Drv(ch,FALSE)) && (bd1=p1->bd) && bd1==bd) { *_q=p1->drv_offset; "Drive %C:%16X\n",Drv2Let(p1),*_q; CatPrint(menu_ptr,"%d. Drive %C\n\r",j++,Drv2Let(p1)); _q++; } } CatPrint(menu_ptr,"\n\rSelection:"); size=BMHD2_END-BMHD2_START; FileWrite(BOOT_DIR_BOOTMHD2_BIN_C,BMHD2_START,size); if (!FileFind(BOOT_DIR_BOOTMHD2_BIN_C,&de,FUF_JUST_FILES)) "No Boot Loader Image\n"; else { Free(de.full_name); *BMHD_BLK_CNT(U16 *)=(size+BLK_SIZE-1)>>BLK_SIZE_BITS; *BMHD_DAP_BLK(I64 *)=Clus2Blk(dv,de.clus); //Bypass partition bounds-checking BlkDevLock(bd); ATAReadBlks(bd,&mbr,0,1); for (i=0;i<BMHD_END-BMHD_CODE;i++) mbr.code[i]=BMHD_CODE(U8 *)[i]; #assert sizeof(CMasterBoot.code)>=BMHD_END-BMHD_CODE for (;i<sizeof(CMasterBoot.code);i++) mbr.code[i]=0; if (!mbr.media_id) mbr.media_id=RandU32; mbr.zero=0; mbr.signature=0xAA55; ATAWriteBlks(bd,&mbr,0,1); BlkDevUnlock(bd); res=TRUE; } } } catch PutExcept; return res; }