public U0 DocProfile(U8 *filename,I64 flags) { I64 i,*cmd_stats=CAlloc(sizeof(I64)*DOCT_TYPES_NUM), *flags_stats=CAlloc(sizeof(I64)*64), *type_flags_stats=CAlloc(sizeof(I64)*64); //Note: word wrap is determined by //doc->win_task when a CDoc is recalculated //use DocRecalc(). CDoc *doc=DocRead(filename,flags); //doc->head which is equ to doc is the //header of the CQue and represents the end-of-file marker. CDocEntry *doc_e=doc->; while (doc_e!=doc) { cmd_stats[doc_e->type_u8]++; for (i=0;i<64;i++) if (Bt(&doc_e->de_flags,i)) flags_stats[i]++; for (i=16;i<32;i++) if (Bt(&doc_e->type,i)) type_flags_stats[i]++; doc_e=doc_e->next; } DocDel(doc); "$PURPLE$-------%s-------\n",filename; "$GREEN$The lowest byte of the 32-bit 'doc_e->type', " "'$PURPLE$doc_e->type.u8[0]$GREEN$', " "is cmd and accessed with the union " "'$PURPLE$doc_e->type_u8$GREEN$'. " "See $LK,\"CDocEntry\",A=\"MN:CDocEntry\"$, " "$LK,\"Doc Type Defines\",A=\"MN:DOCT_TEXT\"$ and " "$LK,\"Doc Type Codes\"," "A=\"FF:::/Adam/DolDoc/DocInit.HC,ST_DOC_CMDS\"$.\n" "$FG$"; for (i=0;i<DOCT_TYPES_NUM;i++) if (cmd_stats[i]) "%4Z:%d\n",i,"ST_DOC_CMDS",cmd_stats[i]; "\n$GREEN$'$PURPLE$doc_e->type.u8[1]$GREEN$' is " "the scrn color attr of the " "entry. '$PURPLE$doc_e->type.u16[1]" "$GREEN$' is some flags for blinking and " "stuff. See $LK,\"Doc Type Flag " "Defines\",A=\"MN:DOCET_BLINK\"$.\n$FG$"; for (i=16;i<32;i++) if (type_flags_stats[i]) "%4d:%d\n",i,type_flags_stats[i]; "$GREEN$\n'$PURPLE$doc_e->de_flags$GREEN$' is 64-bit. " "See $LK,\"Doc Flag Defines\",A=\"MN:DOCEf_TAG\"$ and " "$LK,\"Doc Flag Codes\"," "A=\"FF:::/Adam/DolDoc/DocInit.HC,ST_DOC_FLAGS\"$.\n" "$FG$"; for (i=0;i<64;i++) if (flags_stats[i]) "%4Z:%d\n",i,"ST_DOC_FLAGS",flags_stats[i]; Free(cmd_stats); Free(flags_stats); PressAKey; '\n'; } /*See TipOfDay. Note: Not all CDocEntry's are full-sized nodes. Some are MAlloced with a smaller size to save mem. They all have at least the size CDocEntryBase. Note: CDocEntry's should be alloced from the heap of the owning task, doc->mem_task. The flag arrays doldoc.type_flags_form, etc are useful. */ DocProfile("::/Doc/Welcome.DD",0); DocProfile("::/Doc/Welcome.DD",DOCF_PLAIN_TEXT);