/*TempleOS has a feature that allows access to bytes and words of larger ints. See U64i union. The versions with "i" are internal data types. Use "I64" instead of "U64i" and you will have access to subbytes and subwords. Unfortunately, byte access causes the compiler to not use a reg for the variable. See ::/Demo/Lectures/FixedPoint.HC. */ I64 q=0xFEDCBA9876543210,q1; "q\t\t=%016X\n",q; q1=q.i16[2]; "q.i16[2]\t=%016X\n",q1; q1=q.u8[5]; "q.u8[5]\t\t=%016X\n",q1; q1=q.i32[1].u8[2]; "q.i32[1].u8[2]\t=%016X\n",q1; q1=q.i32[0].i8[1]; "q.i32[0].i8[1]\t=%016X\n",q1;