/*This does a really crappy job of suggesting spellings. Write a better one for fun. */ U8 *SuggestMatchForm(U8 *src) { I64 ch,ch1=0; U8 *res=MStrUtil(src,SUF_TO_UPPER),*dst; dst=src=res; while (ch=*src++) { if (!StrOcc("AEIOU",ch)) { if (ch=='C') ch='K'; if (ch=='Z') ch='S'; if (ch!=ch1) //double chars to single *dst++=ch; } ch1=ch; } *dst=0; return res; } /*Fmt of word lst entry: U8 ACD_WORD_CHAR U8 word[] with terminating zero I16 block; //definition offset in ::/Adam/AutoComplete/ACDefs.DATA */ Bool SuggestSpelling(U8 *word) { U8 *dict=acd.word_lst, *pf=SuggestMatchForm(word), *wf; I64 len=StrLen(pf), num_cols=Fs->win_width/16, col=0; if (len) while (*dict) { wf=SuggestMatchForm(dict+1); if (!StrNCmp(pf,wf,len)) { "%16s",dict+1; if (++col>=num_cols) { col=0; '\n'; } } Free(wf); dict+=StrLen(dict+1)+4; } Free(pf); '\n'; return ToBool(len); } U0 SuggestSpellingDemo() { U8 *w; while (TRUE) { w=GetStr("Word:"); if (*w) { SuggestSpelling(w); Free(w); } else break; } } //If you "Adam Include" this file, it will //install this command as a hot-key. U0 CtrlAltL(I64) { //ac.cur_word is only set if AutoComplete //is running. if (!TaskValidate(ac.task)) { AutoComplete(ON); Sleep(500); } PopUp("if (SuggestSpelling(ac.cur_word)) View;"); } if (Fs!=adam_task) SuggestSpellingDemo; else { CtrlAltCBSet('L',&CtrlAltL,"Cmd /Suggest Spelling"); //Appears in the Adam Task Window "<CTRL-ALT-l> installed\n"; } //Note: It would be more appropriate //to define a key in MyPutKey().