/* RS232 serial ports no longer exist. Be sure to Adam Include this by placing it in your start-up scripts. */ #help_index "Comm" #define UART_THR 0 #define UART_RDR 0 #define UART_BRDL 0 #define UART_IER 1 #define UART_BRDH 1 #define UART_IIR 2 #define UART_LCR 3 #define UART_MCR 4 #define UART_LSR 5 #define UART_MSR 6 #define COMf_ENABLED 0 class CComm { I64 base, flags; CFifoU8 *RX_fifo; CFifoU8 *TX_fifo; } comm_ports[5]; U0 CommHndlr(I64 port) { CComm *c=&comm_ports[port]; I64 b=0,stat; if (Bt(&c->flags,COMf_ENABLED)) { stat=InU8(c->base+UART_IIR); if (stat & 4) //RX FifoU8Ins(c->RX_fifo,InU8(c->base+UART_RDR)); if (stat & 2) { //TX if (FifoU8Rem(c->TX_fifo,&b)) OutU8(c->base+UART_THR,b); else OutU8(c->base+UART_IER,1); //RX but no THR empty } } } interrupt U0 IRQComm3() { CommHndlr(2); CommHndlr(4); OutU8(0x20,0x20); } interrupt U0 IRQComm4() { CommHndlr(1); CommHndlr(3); OutU8(0x20,0x20); } U0 CommInit() { MemSet(&comm_ports,0,sizeof(comm_ports)); comm_ports[1].base=0x3F8; comm_ports[2].base=0x2F8; comm_ports[3].base=0x3E8; comm_ports[4].base=0x2E8; IntEntrySet(0x23,&IRQComm3); IntEntrySet(0x24,&IRQComm4); } CommInit; public CComm *CommInit8n1(I64 port,I64 baud) { CComm *c=&comm_ports[port]; PUSHFD CLI if (LBts(&c->flags,COMf_ENABLED)) { FifoU8Del(c->RX_fifo); FifoU8Del(c->TX_fifo); } c->RX_fifo=FifoU8New(256); c->TX_fifo=FifoU8New(256); OutU8(c->base+UART_LCR,0); //Set for IER OutU8(c->base+UART_IER,0); //Disable all IRQ OutU8(c->base+UART_LCR,0x80); //Enable baud rate control OutU8(c->base+UART_BRDL,(0x180/(baud/300)) & 0xFF); //LSB OutU8(c->base+UART_BRDH,(0x180/(baud/300)) / 256); //MSB OutU8(c->base+UART_LCR,3); //8-none-1 InU8(c->base+UART_RDR); //read garbage InU8(c->base+UART_LSR); OutU8(c->base+UART_MCR,4); OutU8(c->base+UART_IER,0); //Disable all IRQ OutU8(c->base+UART_MCR,0xA); //out2 and rts OutU8(0x21,InU8(0x21) & (0xFF-0x18)); //Enable 8259 IRQ 3 & 4 OutU8(c->base+UART_IER,1); //RX but no THR empty POPFD return c; } public U0 CommPutChar(I64 port,U8 b) { CComm *c=&comm_ports[port]; PUSHFD CLI FifoU8Ins(c->TX_fifo,b); OutU8(c->base+UART_IER,3); //RX and THR empty POPFD Sleep(10); //!!! Remove this line!!! Linux echo_socket is too slow. } U0 CommPutS(I64 port,U8 *st) { I64 b; while (b=*st++) CommPutChar(port,b); } public U0 CommPutBlk(I64 port,U8 *buf,I64 cnt) { while (cnt--) CommPutChar(port,*buf++); } public U0 CommPrint(I64 port,U8 *fmt,...) { U8 *buf=StrPrintJoin(NULL,fmt,argc,argv); CommPutS(port,buf); Free(buf); }