TempleOS' Features

* Oracle in with <F7> for words or <SHIFT-F7> for passages. See tongues. * x86_64, ring-0-only, single-address-map (identity), multitasking kernel with multicore support. * Master/Slave MultiCore * Free, public domain, 100% open source. * 64-bit compiler/assembler for HolyC. Truly compiles, doesn't interpret. Just -in-Time and Ahead-of-Time compilation. With JIT, no need for object or exe files. * No 32-bit krufty code. * 640x480 16 color VGA graphics. * Keyboard & Mouse support. * ATA PIO Hard drives, support for FAT32 and RedSea file systems with file compression. * ATAPI PIO CD/DVD support with RedSea file system. Can make bootable ISO files so you can roll-your-own distro's. * Partitioning tool, installer, boot loaders for CD/DVD and hard disk. * Editor/Browser for a new Document Format. Source files and the command line window can have graphics, links, icons, trees, colors, super/sub scripts, margins. Everything is seamless through-out the tool chain. No need for separate resource files. * 8-bit ASCII, not just 7-bit. Supported in entire tool chain. <CTRL-ALT-a> * Graphics in source code, no resource files, graphic sprite editor. <CTRL-r> * 64-bit pointers. All memory, even more than 4Gig, can be directly accessed by all tasks on all cores at all times. * Ring-0-only. Highest CPU privileged mode at all times. No off-limits insts. No time lost changing modes or address maps. Switches tasks in half a microsecond. * 2D/3D graphics library * Real-time fancy differential-equation solver for physics engines, to use in games. (Adaptive step-size Runge-Kutta, interpolated for real-time.) * Auto-completion, jump-to-source tool called AutoComplete with Dictionary. * Window Manager. Pan scrn with <CTRL-LeftDrag>. Zoom scrn on mouse cursor with <CTRL-ALT-z>/<CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Z>. * File Manager, <CTRL-d>. * Code profiler, merge, diff utils. * PC Speaker support with many hymns. * Music composing tool. * Many games, demos and documentation. * All source code included. Only compiles with the included TempleOS compiler and assembler.