RedSea File System

The RedSea file system is a simple, 64-bit, file system which is similar to FAT32, but with absolute block addresses instead of clus, fixed-sized 64-byte directory entries and no FAT table, just an allocation bitmap. A clus is just one 512 byte sector. Files are stored in contiguous blocks and cannot grow in size. #define CDIR_FILENAME_LEN 38 //Must include terminator zero The following bit field shows valid 8-Bit ASCII filename characters. U32 char_bmp_filename[8]= {0x0000000, 0x03FF73FB, 0xEFFFFFFF, 0x2FFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF}; public class CDirEntry //64-byte fixed-size { U16 attr; //See RS_ATTR_DIR. I would like to change these. U8 name[CDIR_FILENAME_LEN]; //See char_bmp_filename, FileNameChk I64 clus; (blk) //One sector per clus. I64 size; //In bytes CDate datetime; //See DateTime, Implementation of DateTime }; public class CRedSeaBoot //RedSea is type FAT32 in partition table to fool BIOS. { U8 jump_and_nop[3]; U8 signature,reserved[4]; //MBR_PT_REDSEA=0x88. Distinguish from real FAT32. I64 drv_offset; //For CD/DVD image copy. I64 sects; I64 root_clus; (root_blk) I64 bitmap_sects; I64 unique_id; U8 code[462]; U16 signature2; //0xAA55 }; See ::/Kernel/BlkDev/FileSysRedSea.HC and ::/Adam/Opt/Boot/DskISORedSea.HC. Files with names ending in .Z are compressed. See ::/Kernel/Compress.HC. To replace ISO9660, make hard-drive partition image of a measured size and copy onto a CD/DVD starting at about sector 20, with EL TORITO booting. 512-byte sectors will be placed on top of 2048-byte CD/DCD sectors, so there will be four blocks per CD/DVD sector. RedSea file system has no bad block table and no redundant allocation table. See Block Chain for RedSea allocation bitmap discussion. See Reliability for RedSea reliability discussion.