Bool DrvLock(CDrv *dv) {//Make this task have exclusive access to drv & BlkDev. DrvChk(dv); BlkDevLock(dv->bd); if (!Bt(&dv->locked_flags,DVlf_LOCKED) || dv->owning_task!=Fs) { while (LBts(&dv->locked_flags,DVlf_LOCKED)) Yield; dv->owning_task=Fs; return TRUE; } else return FALSE; } Bool DrvUnlock(CDrv *dv,Bool rst=FALSE) {//Release exclusive lock on access to drv & BlkDev. DrvChk(dv); if (Bt(&dv->locked_flags,DVlf_LOCKED) && dv->owning_task==Fs) { BlkDevUnlock(dv->bd,rst); dv->owning_task=NULL; LBtr(&dv->locked_flags,DVlf_LOCKED); Yield; //Prevent deadlock return TRUE; } else return FALSE; } U0 DrvsRelease() {//When task dies, release all owned drvs. I64 i; CDrv *dv; for (i=0;i<DRVS_NUM;i++) { dv=&blkdev.drvs[i]; if (dv->owning_task==Fs && dv->dv_signature==DRV_SIGNATURE_VAL) DrvUnlock(dv,TRUE); } } CDrv *DrvMakeFreeSlot(U8 drv_let) {//Make a slot free for a new drv, like during Mount(). //!!! drv_let is not a remapped drv. I64 i=Let2Let(drv_let)-'A'; CDrv *res; if (!(0<=i<DRVS_NUM)) throw('Drv'); res=&blkdev.drvs[i]; MemSet(res,0,sizeof(CDrv)); res->drv_let='A'+i; return res; } U8 DrvNextFreeLet(U8 first_drv_let='C') {//Locate free slot for new drv, like during Mount(). //!!! first_drv_let is not a remapped drv. I64 i=Let2Let(first_drv_let)-'A',type=Let2BlkDevType(first_drv_let); if (!(0<=i<DRVS_NUM)) throw('Drv'); do if (blkdev.drvs[i].dv_signature!=DRV_SIGNATURE_VAL) { if (Let2BlkDevType(i+'A')!=type) throw('Drv'); else return i+'A'; } while (++i<DRVS_NUM); throw('Drv'); return 0; //Never gets here. } U0 DrvDel(CDrv *dv) {//Delete drv if (dv->fs_type==FSt_REDSEA && dv->next_free) RedSeaFreeFreeLst(dv); Free(dv->cur_fat_blk); Free(dv->fis); MemSet(dv,0,sizeof(CDrv)); } U0 DrvBlkDevDel(CBlkDev *bd) {//Delete drv's of BlkDev I64 i; CDrv *dv; for (i=0;i<DRVS_NUM;i++) { dv=&blkdev.drvs[i]; if (dv->bd==bd) DrvDel(dv); } } U0 DrvFATBlkAlloc(CDrv *dv) { DrvChk(dv); Free(dv->cur_fat_blk); dv->cur_fat_blk=AMAlloc(BLK_SIZE); dv->cur_fat_blk_num=0; dv->fat_blk_dirty=0; BlkRead(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat1,1); } U0 DrvFATBlkClean(CDrv *dv,I64 fat_sel=3) { if ((dv->fs_type==FSt_FAT32 || dv->fs_type==FSt_REDSEA) && Bt(&dv->fat_blk_dirty,0)) { if (dv->fat1==dv->fat2) { BlkWrite(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat1+dv->cur_fat_blk_num,1); LBtr(&dv->fat_blk_dirty,0); } else { if (fat_sel==3 || !fat_sel) BlkWrite(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat1+dv->cur_fat_blk_num,1); if (fat_sel==3 || fat_sel==1) { BlkWrite(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat2+dv->cur_fat_blk_num,1); LBtr(&dv->fat_blk_dirty,0); } } } } U0 DrvFATBlkSet(CDrv *dv,I64 c,I64 fat_sel=3) { I64 fat_blk_num; if (c==INVALID_CLUS) throw('Drv'); switch (dv->fs_type) { case FSt_FAT32: fat_blk_num=c>>(BLK_SIZE_BITS-2); break; case FSt_REDSEA: fat_blk_num=(c-dv->data_area)>>(BLK_SIZE_BITS+3); break; default: throw('Drv'); } if (fat_blk_num!=dv->cur_fat_blk_num) { DrvFATBlkClean(dv,fat_sel); dv->cur_fat_blk_num=fat_blk_num; if (fat_sel==3 || !fat_sel) BlkRead(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat1+dv->cur_fat_blk_num,1); else BlkRead(dv,dv->cur_fat_blk,dv->fat2+dv->cur_fat_blk_num,1); } } CDrv *DrvChk(CDrv *dv,Bool except=TRUE) {//Check for valid drv. Throw exception. if (!dv || dv->dv_signature!=DRV_SIGNATURE_VAL) { if (except) throw('Drv'); else return NULL; } else return dv; } U8 Drv2Let(CDrv *dv=NULL) {//Drv ptr to Drv letter. if (!dv) dv=Fs->cur_dv; DrvChk(dv); return dv->drv_let; } U8 Let2Let(U8 drv_let=0) {//Drv letter to Drv letter. if (!drv_let) drv_let=Drv2Let(Fs->cur_dv); else if (drv_let==':') drv_let=blkdev.boot_drv_let; else if (drv_let=='~') drv_let=*blkdev.home_dir; return ToUpper(drv_let); } I64 Let2BlkDevType(U8 drv_let) {//Drv letter to BlkDev Type. drv_let=0 not allowed. See BDT_NULL. drv_let=Let2Let(drv_let); if ('A'<=drv_let<='B') return BDT_RAM; if ('C'<=drv_let<='L') return BDT_ATA; if ('M'<=drv_let<='P') return BDT_ISO_FILE_READ; if ('Q'<=drv_let<='S') return BDT_ISO_FILE_WRITE; if ('T'<=drv_let<='Z') return BDT_ATAPI; return BDT_NULL; } CDrv *Let2Drv(U8 drv_let=0,Bool except=TRUE) {//Drv letter to Drv ptr. CDrv *dv; if (!drv_let) dv=Fs->cur_dv; else { drv_let=Let2Let(drv_let); if (!('A'<=drv_let<='Z')) { if (except) throw('Drv'); else return NULL; } dv=blkdev.let_to_drv[drv_let-'A']; } return DrvChk(dv,except); } CBlkDev *DrvIsWritable(U8 drv_let=0,Bool except=FALSE) {//Is drive writable? CBlkDev *bd; if (!(bd=Let2BlkDev(drv_let,except)) || bd->flags & BDF_READ_ONLY) { if (except) throw('Drv'); else return NULL; } else return bd; } U0 DskCacheInvalidate(CDrv *dv) {//Needed for removable media. Called by DskChg(). Bool unlock; CBlkDev *bd=dv->bd; DrvChk(dv); try { unlock=DrvLock(dv); BlkDevInit(bd); if (bd->flags & BDF_READ_CACHE) DskCacheInvalidate2(dv); if (bd->type==BDT_ATAPI && !(bd->flags & BDF_READ_ONLY_OVERRIDE)) ISOInit(dv,(32767/bd->blk_size+1)*bd->blk_size>>BLK_SIZE_BITS); if (unlock) DrvUnlock(dv); } catch if (unlock) DrvUnlock(dv); } U0 DskChg(U8 drv_let=0) {//Change disk. (Needed for removable media.) CDrv *dv=Let2Drv(drv_let); CBlkDev *bd=dv->bd; if (!(bd->flags&BDF_INITIALIZED)) BlkDevInit(bd); else if (bd->flags&BDF_REMOVABLE) { if (bd->type==BDT_ATAPI) ATAInit(bd); //TODO: This is a kludge for QEMU? DskCacheInvalidate(dv); } Drv(drv_let); RedSeaFreeFreeLst(dv); } Bool DrvMap(U8 drv_let,CDrv *dv) {//Make drive letter map to another. drv_let=Let2Let(drv_let); if ('A'<=drv_let<='Z') { blkdev.let_to_drv[drv_let-'A']=dv; dv->drv_let=drv_let; return TRUE; } else return FALSE; } Bool Drv(U8 drv_let) {//Change drive. You can set drive with Cd() as well. CDrv *dv=Let2Drv(drv_let); CBlkDev *bd; bd=BlkDevChk(dv->bd); if (dv!=Fs->cur_dv) { if (bd->flags & BDF_REMOVABLE && !(bd->flags & BDF_INITIALIZED)) DskChg(Drv2Let(dv)); if (bd->type==BDT_RAM || bd->type==BDT_ISO_FILE_READ || bd->type==BDT_ISO_FILE_WRITE) BlkDevInit(bd); } Fs->cur_dv=dv; Free(Fs->cur_dir); Fs->cur_dir=StrNew("/"); switch (dv->fs_type) { case FSt_REDSEA: case FSt_FAT32: return TRUE; default: PrintErr("File System Not Supported\n"); return FALSE; } } U8 *DrvSerialNum(U8 drv_let=0) {//20 bytes max. CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(drv_let); U16 *st,*res=NULL; I64 i; if (bd->dev_id_record) { st=CAlloc(20+1); for (i=0;i<10;i++) st[i]=EndianU16(bd->dev_id_record[10+i]); res=MStrUtil(st,SUF_REM_LEADING|SUF_REM_TRAILING); Free(st); } return res; } U8 *DrvModelNum(U8 drv_let=0) {//40 bytes max. CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(drv_let); U16 *st,*res=NULL; I64 i; if (bd->dev_id_record) { st=CAlloc(40+1); for (i=0;i<20;i++) st[i]=EndianU16(bd->dev_id_record[27+i]); res=MStrUtil(st,SUF_REM_LEADING|SUF_REM_TRAILING); Free(st); } return res; } U8 blkdev_text_attr[BDT_TYPES_NUM]={BLACK,LTCYAN,WHITE,LTGREEN,LTRED,LTBLUE}; U8 drv_text_attr[3]={BLACK,BLUE,RED}; U8 DrvTextAttrGet(U8 drv_let=0) {//Get color of drive. drv_let=Let2Let(drv_let); if ('A'<=drv_let<='Z') return blkdev_text_attr[Let2BlkDevType(drv_let)]<<4| drv_text_attr[drv_let%sizeof(drv_text_attr)]; else return BLACK<<4|WHITE; } U0 DrvRep() {//Drive report. CDrv *dv; CBlkDev *bd; I64 ch,i,drv_let,attr; U8 *st; "\nDefined Drives:\n"; for (i=0,dv=blkdev.drvs;i<DRVS_NUM;i++,dv++) { if (dv->dv_signature==DRV_SIGNATURE_VAL) { bd=dv->bd; drv_let=Drv2Let(dv); if (Bt(&dv->fs_type,FStf_DISABLE)) ch='-'; else if (drv_let==blkdev.boot_drv_let) ch=':'; else ch='+'; attr=DrvTextAttrGet(drv_let); "$FG,%d$$BG,%d$%C %-8Z %-10Z %04X %04X %02X\n", attr&15,attr>>4,drv_let,dv->fs_type&FSG_TYPE_MASK,"ST_DRV_TYPES", bd->type,"ST_BLKDEV_TYPES",bd->base0,bd->base1,bd->unit; if (st=DrvModelNum(drv_let)) { " Model# :%s\n",st; Free(st); } if (st=DrvSerialNum(drv_let)) { " Serial#:%s\n",st; Free(st); } if (bd->type==BDT_ISO_FILE_READ || bd->type==BDT_ISO_FILE_WRITE) " File=\"%s\"\n",bd->file_dsk_name; " %016X-%016X\n$FG$$BG$",dv->drv_offset,dv->drv_offset+dv->size-1; } } "Home Dir:\"%s\"\n",blkdev.home_dir; }