Bool DrvTypeSet(U8 drv_let,I64 type=FSt_REDSEA) {//Very dangerous I64 i,j,ext_base,drv_num,offset,cur_type; CMasterBoot mbr; CBlkDev *bd; drv_let=Let2Let(drv_let); bd=Let2BlkDev(drv_let); drv_num=bd->first_drv_let-'A'; switch (bd->type) { case BDT_ATA: offset=0; ext_base=INVALID_CLUS; while (TRUE) { ATAReadBlks(bd,&mbr,offset,1); j=-1; for (i=0;i<4;i++) { cur_type=mbr.p[i].type; if (cur_type) { if (cur_type==5 || cur_type==15) j=i; else { if (drv_num+'A'==drv_let) { switch (type) { case FSt_REDSEA: mbr.p[i].type=MBR_PT_REDSEA; break; case FSt_FAT32: mbr.p[i].type=MBR_PT_FAT32a; break; default: throw('Drv'); } mbr.p[i].active=0x80; ATAWriteBlks(bd,&mbr,offset,1); return TRUE; } drv_num++; } } } if (j<0) break; if (!mbr.p[j].offset) break; if (ext_base==INVALID_CLUS) { offset=mbr.p[j].offset; ext_base=offset; } else offset=mbr.p[j].offset+ext_base; } break; } } U0 Fmt(I64 drv_let,Bool quick=TRUE,Bool confirm=TRUE,I64 type=FSt_FAT32) {//Format hard drive or RAM drive. //Warning: Destroys all prev info. //quick=FALSE means fill entire drive with zeros. //Choose FSt_FAT32 or FSt_REDSEA. //You don't format a CD/DVD with this. CDrv *dv=Let2Drv(drv_let); Bool old_silent=IsSilent; if (confirm && !AreYouSure) return; if (!dv) { PrintErr("Invalid Drive\n"); return; } switch (type) { case FSt_FAT32: if (dv->bd->type==BDT_ATA) { Silent; Drv(drv_let); Silent(old_silent); FAT32Fmt(drv_let,quick); DskCacheInvalidate(Let2Drv(drv_let)); Drv(drv_let); break; } "Using RedSea File System.\n"; case FSt_REDSEA: Silent; Drv(drv_let); Silent(old_silent); RedSeaFmt(drv_let,quick); DskCacheInvalidate(Let2Drv(drv_let)); Drv(drv_let); break; default: PrintErr("File System Not Supported\n"); } }