//This is run in a #exe{}. U8 *kernel_cfg_options="MemInit\0HeapInit\0VarInit\0StaffMode\0" "HomeDir\0NoMP\0TextMode\0DontProbe\0MountIDEAuto\0DbgDistro\0Help\0"; #define CFG_MEM_INIT 0 #define CFG_HEAP_INIT 1 #define CFG_VAR_INIT 2 #define CFG_STAFF_MODE 3 #define CFG_HOME_DIR 4 #define CFG_NO_MP 5 #define CFG_TEXT_MODE 6 #define CFG_DONT_PROBE 7 #define CFG_MOUNT_IDE_AUTO 8 #define CFG_DBG_DISTRO 9 #define CFG_OPTIONS_NUM 10 #define CFG_HELP 10 class CKCfg { U8 *dsk_cache_size_exp; CDoc *add_dev; U8 *dbg_distro_file,*dbg_distro_start; U8 *home_dir; Bool opts[CFG_OPTIONS_NUM]; U8 mem_init_val,heap_init_val,var_init_val, boot_drv_let,mount_ide_auto_hd_let,mount_ide_auto_cd_let; }; CDoc *KCfgAddDev(CKCfg *c) { I64 ch; CDoc *doc=DocNew; "\n\nIn anticipation of the drives you will\n" "define shortly, enter the drive letter\n" "of the drive with the account directory.\n" "\n($PURPLE$<ENTER>$FG$ for cur drv) Boot Drv:"; ch=Let2Let(GetChar); if ('A'<=ch<='Z') c->boot_drv_let=ch; else c->boot_drv_let=Drv2Let(Fs->cur_dv); "\n\n$BK,1$$PURPLE$Mount drives so they will be present when " "you boot.$FG$$BK,0$\n"; Mount2(c->boot_drv_let,doc,FALSE); return doc; } U0 KCfgOptions(CKCfg *c) { I64 i; U8 *st=NULL,*st2,*st3; Bool state; do { Free(st); for (i=0;i<CFG_OPTIONS_NUM;i++) if (i==CFG_HOME_DIR) "$PURPLE$%13tz$FG$:\"%s\"\n",i,kernel_cfg_options,c->home_dir; else "$PURPLE$%13tz$FG$:%Z\n",i,kernel_cfg_options,c->opts[i],"ST_OFF_ON"; "\nType '$PURPLE$Help$FG$' for help.\n"; st=GetStr("Option ($PURPLE$<ENTER>$FG$ when done):",""); i=LstMatch(st,kernel_cfg_options,LMF_IGNORE_CASE); if (i==CFG_HELP) "\n" "$PURPLE$MemInit$FG$ Initializes memory above 0x100000 " "to a val at boot.\n" "$PURPLE$HeapInit$FG$ Initializes MAlloc() memory to a val.\n" "$PURPLE$VarInit$FG$ Initializes glbl var memory to a val.\n" "$PURPLE$HomeDir$FG$ Set home dir.\n" "$PURPLE$NoMP$FG$ No multicore.\n" "$PURPLE$TextMode$FG$ Text Mode (requires hard reboot).\n" "$PURPLE$DontProbe$FG$ Just prompt CD/DVD ports, don't probe.\n" "$PURPLE$MountIDEAuto$FG$ Auto Mount IDE drives to 'C' and 'T'.\n" "$PURPLE$DbgDistro$FG$ Include RAM Drv in Kernel.BIN.\n" "\n"; else if (0<=i<CFG_OPTIONS_NUM) { state=c->opts[i]=!c->opts[i]; switch (i) { case CFG_MEM_INIT: if (state) c->mem_init_val=GetI64("Val (0-255):",255,0,255); break; case CFG_HEAP_INIT: if (state) c->heap_init_val=GetI64("Val (0-255):",255,0,255); break; case CFG_VAR_INIT: if (state) c->var_init_val=GetI64("Val (0-255):",255,0,255); break; case CFG_HOME_DIR: st2=GetStr("Home Dir(\"%s\"):",c->home_dir); if (!*st2) st2=StrNew("::/Home"); else if (st2[1]!=':') { st3=MStrPrint("::%s",st2); Free(st2); st2=st3; } Free(c->home_dir); c->home_dir=st2; if (StrCmp(c->home_dir,"::/Home")) c->opts[i]=TRUE; else c->opts[i]=FALSE; break; case CFG_MOUNT_IDE_AUTO: if (state) { "First HD Drive Let:"; c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let=Let2Let(GetChar); if (!('A'<=c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let<='Z')) c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let=0; '\n'; if (c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let) "First HD Drive:%C\n",c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let; else "First HD Drive:%C\n",'C'; "First CD Drive Let:"; c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let=Let2Let(GetChar); if (!('A'<=c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let<='Z')) c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let=0; '\n'; if (c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let) "First CD Drive:%C\n",c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let; else "First CD Drive:%C\n",'T'; } else { c->mount_ide_auto_hd_let=0; c->mount_ide_auto_cd_let=0; } break; case CFG_DBG_DISTRO: Free(c->dbg_distro_file); c->dbg_distro_file=0; c->dbg_distro_start=0; if (state) { c->dbg_distro_file=GetStr("Dbg Distro File:"); c->dbg_distro_start=GetI64("Dbg Distro Start:"); } break; } } } while (*st); Free(st); } CKCfg *KCfgNew() { CKCfg *c=CAlloc(sizeof(CKCfg)); c->add_dev=KCfgAddDev(c); c->home_dir=StrNew("::/Home"); c->dsk_cache_size_exp=GetStr( "Disk Cache Size in Bytes,\n" "gets rounded-up funny,\n" "($PURPLE$<ENTER>$FG$ will use default.):", "Scale2Mem(0x80000,0x8000000)"); KCfgOptions(c); return c; } U0 KCfgDel(CKCfg *c) { DocDel(c->add_dev); Free(c->dbg_distro_file); Free(c->home_dir); Free(c->dsk_cache_size_exp); Free(c); }