U0 InputFilterTask() { CJob *tmpc,*tmpc1; Bool old_filter; I64 old_flags=GetRFlags; Fs->win_inhibit=WIG_USER_TASK_DFT; LBts(&Fs->task_flags,TASKf_INPUT_FILTER_TASK); old_filter=LBts(&Fs->last_input_filter_task->task_flags,TASKf_FILTER_INPUT); LBEqu(&Fs->task_flags,TASKf_FILTER_INPUT,old_filter); while (TRUE) { CLI JobsHndlr(old_flags); tmpc1=&Fs->srv_ctrl.next_waiting; tmpc=tmpc1->next; if (tmpc==tmpc1) break; else { if (tmpc->job_code==JOBT_TEXT_INPUT) { QueRem(tmpc); SetRFlags(old_flags); try ExePrint("%s",tmpc->aux_str); catch Fs->catch_except=TRUE; JobDel(tmpc); } else break; } } Fs->next_input_filter_task->last_input_filter_task=Fs->last_input_filter_task; Fs->last_input_filter_task->next_input_filter_task=Fs->next_input_filter_task; if (!old_filter) LBtr(&Fs->last_input_filter_task->task_flags,TASKf_FILTER_INPUT); SetRFlags(old_flags); } I64 ScanMsg(I64 *_arg1=NULL,I64 *_arg2=NULL,I64 mask=~1,CTask *task=NULL) {/*Check for a message of type specified by a one in the mask. Throw-out messages not in mask. If no message fit mask, return NULL immediately. Remove desired message, return msg_code. Note: This delivers messages from parent down to pop-up. */ I64 res,old_flags; CJob *tmpc,*tmpc1; if (!task) task=Fs; old_flags=GetRFlags; tmpc1=&task->srv_ctrl.next_waiting; while (TRUE) { CLI if (task==Fs) JobsHndlr(old_flags); tmpc=tmpc1->next; if (tmpc==tmpc1) break; else { if (tmpc->job_code==JOBT_MSG) { QueRem(tmpc); SetRFlags(old_flags); res=tmpc->msg_code; if (_arg1) *_arg1=tmpc->aux1; if (_arg2) *_arg2=tmpc->aux2; JobDel(tmpc); if ((res!=MSG_KEY_DOWN || !(tmpc->aux2&SCF_KEY_DESC) || !Bt(&task->win_inhibit,WIf_SELF_KEY_DESC)) && Bt(&mask,res)) goto sm_done; } } SetRFlags(old_flags); } res=MSG_NULL; if (_arg1) *_arg1=0; if (_arg2) *_arg2=0; if (task->parent_task&&task->parent_task->popup_task==task) { SetRFlags(old_flags); return ScanMsg(_arg1,_arg2,mask,task->parent_task); } sm_done: SetRFlags(old_flags); return res; } I64 FlushMsgs(CTask *task=NULL) {//Throw away all messages. Return count. I64 res=0,arg1,arg2; while (ScanMsg(&arg1,&arg2,~1,task)) res++; return res; } I64 GetMsg(I64 *_arg1=NULL,I64 *_arg2=NULL,I64 mask=~1,CTask *task=NULL) {//Wait for a message of type specified by a one in the mask. //Throw-out all messages not in mask. //Returns msg_code. See ::/Demo/MsgLoop.HC. I64 res; if (!task) task=Fs; LBtr(&task->task_flags,TASKf_IDLE); while (!(res=ScanMsg(_arg1,_arg2,mask,task))) { LBts(&task->task_flags,TASKf_IDLE); Yield; } LBtr(&task->task_flags,TASKf_IDLE); return res; } I64 ScanChar() {//Checks for MSG_KEY_DOWN and returns 0 immediately if no key. //Waits for MSG_KEY_UP of non-zero ASCII key and returns ASCII if key. //ScanMsg() throws away other message types. I64 arg1a,arg2a,arg1b,arg2b; if (!ScanMsg(&arg1a,&arg2a,1<<MSG_KEY_DOWN)||!arg1a) return 0; else do GetMsg(&arg1b,&arg2b,1<<MSG_KEY_UP); while (!arg1b); //Be careful of SC_SHIFT and SC_CTRL, etc. return arg1a; } Bool ScanKey(I64 *_ch=NULL,I64 *_scan_code=NULL,Bool echo=FALSE) {//Checks for MSG_KEY_DOWN and returns FALSE immediately if no key. //Sets ASCII and scan_code. //Removes key message and returns TRUE. //ScanMsg() throws away other message types. I64 ch=0,sc=0; if (ScanMsg(&ch,&sc,1<<MSG_KEY_DOWN)) { if (_ch) *_ch=ch; if (_scan_code) *_scan_code=sc; if (echo) PutKey(ch,sc); return TRUE; } else { if (_ch) *_ch=0; if (_scan_code) *_scan_code=0; return FALSE; } } I64 GetKey(I64 *_scan_code=NULL,Bool echo=FALSE,Bool raw_cursor=FALSE) {//Waits for MSG_KEY_DOWN message and returns ASCII. //Sets scan_code. //ScanKey() throws away other message types. I64 ch,sc; Bool cursor_on=FALSE; while (!ScanKey(&ch,&sc,FALSE)) { if (IsRaw && raw_cursor) { if (!cursor_on && ToI64(GetTSC*5/cnts.time_stamp_freq)&1) { '.'; cursor_on=TRUE; } else if (cursor_on && !(ToI64(GetTSC*5/cnts.time_stamp_freq)&1)) { '' CH_BACKSPACE; cursor_on=FALSE; } } LBts(&Fs->task_flags,TASKf_IDLE); if (IsDbgMode) { //We don't want interrupt-driven keyboard when in debugger //because that could have side-effects or crash, so we poll //keyboard when in debugger with interrupts off. PUSHFD CLI KbdMsHndlr(TRUE,FALSE); KbdMsgsQue; POPFD } else { LBts(&Fs->task_flags,TASKf_AWAITING_MSG); Yield; } LBtr(&Fs->task_flags,TASKf_IDLE); } if (IsRaw && raw_cursor && cursor_on) '' CH_BACKSPACE; if (echo) PutKey(ch,sc); if (_scan_code) *_scan_code=sc; return ch; } I64 GetChar(I64 *_scan_code=NULL,Bool echo=TRUE,Bool raw_cursor=FALSE) {//Waits for non-zero ASCII key. //Sets scan_code. I64 ch1; do ch1=GetKey(_scan_code,FALSE,raw_cursor); while (!ch1); if (echo) "$PT$%c$FG$",ch1; return ch1; } U8 *GetStr(U8 *msg=NULL,U8 *dft=NULL,I64 flags=0) {//Returns a MAlloc()ed prompted string. See Flags. U8 *st; if (msg) "" msg,dft; st=(*fp_getstr2)(flags); if (!*st) { Free(st); if (dft) return StrNew(dft); else return StrNew(""); } return st; } I64 GetS(U8 *buf,I64 size,Bool allow_ext=TRUE) {//Prompt into fixed length string. Size must include terminator. U8 *st; I64 ch,i=0; if (!size || !buf) return 0; if (allow_ext) { st=GetStr; if (StrLen(st)>size-1) { MemCpy(buf,st,size-1); buf[size-1]=0; } else StrCpy(buf,st); i=StrLen(buf); Free(st); } else { while (TRUE) { ch=GetChar(,FALSE,IsDbgMode); if (ch=='\n') { '' ch; break; } else if (ch==CH_BACKSPACE) { if (i>0) { i--; '' ch; } } else { if (i<size-1) { buf[i++]=ch; '' ch; } } } buf[i]=0; } return i; }