Call Funct Call addr with no args. CallExtStr Funct Search sym table for fun and pass it args. CallInd Funct Call with fixed number of args. CallStkGrow Funct Grow stk in call with any fixed num of args.


FarCall32 Funct Not reentrant.For PCIBIOS. c32_eax GlbVar _extern C32_EAX U32 c32_eax; c32_ebx GlbVar _extern C32_EBX U32 c32_ebx; c32_ecx GlbVar _extern C32_ECX U32 c32_ecx; c32_edi GlbVar _extern C32_EDI U32 c32_edi; c32_edx GlbVar _extern C32_EDX U32 c32_edx; c32_eflags GlbVar _extern C32_EFLAGS U32 c32_eflags; c32_esi GlbVar _extern C32_ESI U32 c32_esi;

Call/System Extern Num

CallExtNum Funct Call ext num with fixed number of args. ext GlbVar I64 (**ext)(...); //Array of fun ptrs. See Extern Num Definitions