To create a TempleOS graphic ctrl, you define callback functions and insert a CCtrl structure in the CTask queue. See ::/Demo/Graphics/Slider.HC, ::/Demo/Graphics/ScrollBars.HC and TermBttnNew. There is a template-code ctrl generator, if you press <CTRL-SHIFT-L>. CCtrl Class class CCtrl CViewAngles Class class CViewAngles CWinScroll Class class CWinScroll CtrlBttnDel Funct Free bttn ctrl. CtrlBttnNew Funct Create bttn ctrl. See ::/Apps/Strut/Strut.HC. CtrlFindUnique Funct Find task ctrl given ctrl_type. CtrlInside Funct Is x,y inside a ctrl? ViewAnglesDel Funct Free view angle ctrl. ViewAnglesNew Funct Create view angle ctrl. See ::/Demo/Graphics/Shading.HC.