DVDImageRead Funct Read entire CD/DVD image into ISO file. DVDImageWrite Funct Write CD/DVD ISO file to disk. RedSeaISO Funct See ::/Misc/DoDistro.HC. Must be ISO.C


CFile Class See ::/Demo/Dsk/DataBase.HC. FBlkRead Funct Read [nth,n+cnt) blks of file. FBlkWrite Funct Write [nth,n+cnt) blks of file. FClose Funct Close CFile, updating directory. FOpen Funct Allows flags "r","w","w+". "c" for contiguous. FSize Funct Report size of opened file in bytes.

File/Cmd Line (Typically)

Cd Funct Change directory. Optionally, make directories, too. Copy Funct Copy files. CopyTree Funct Copy directory tree. DBlk Funct Dump disk block. Optionally, write. DClus Funct Dump disk clus. Optionally, write. Del Funct Delete files. DelTree Funct Delete directory tree. Dir Funct List directory. DirMk Funct Make directory. Cd() can also make directories. Drv Funct Change drive. You can set drive with Cd() as well. DrvMap Funct Make drive letter map to another. DrvRep Funct Drive report. DrvUnused Funct Returns unused size in bytes. DrvView Funct Drive view. Graph the allocation map's fragmentation. DskChg Funct Change disk. (Needed for removable media.) DskChk Funct Check disk for allocation errors and, optionally, fix. DskPrt Funct Partition the disk containing partition drv_let. DskView Funct Disk view. Pie chart of partition sizes. Dump Funct Dump file. Optionally, write. FF Funct Files find. List files matching mask. FileMgr Funct File manager. Also, used to choose files and dirs. Fmt Funct Format hard drive or RAM drive. HomeSet Funct Change home directory. Mount Funct Mount drives. Called from DskPrt(Mount). MountFile Funct Mount ISO.C file. Move Funct Move files from one location to another or rename. Touch Funct Touch file attributes and DateTime. Type Funct Output txt or graphic file to command line. Unmount Funct Unmount drive(s). Unzip Funct Uncompress files by moving to not .Z filename. Zip Funct Compress files by moving to .Z filename.


DirCur Funct MAlloc copy of cur dir with drv letter. DirFile Funct Strips file from dirname, scans for file upward until found or DirNameAbs Funct MAlloc absolute dir string with drv letter. DrvIsWritable Funct Is drive writable? ExtChg Funct Change filename extension. ExtDft Funct Give extension if has none. FileExtDot Funct Find dot char in name. FileExtRem Funct Remove filename extension from str. FileNameAbs Funct Absolute filename. Accepts FUF_Z_OR_NOT_Z, FUF_SCAN_PARENTS. FileNameChk Funct Return check for valid filename, not checking existence. FileNameForm Funct Text filename form in cur win, not PopUp. FileNameTmpTxt Funct Make pretty-safe tmp filename in home dir. FilesFind Funct See ::/Doc/FileUtils.DD. FilesFindMatch Funct Does filename meet Files Find mask? IsDir Funct Is a str a valid, existing Dir? IsDotC Funct Does name end in .C? IsDotZ Funct Does name end in .Z? PopUpFileName Funct Filename chooser. Uses form, not FileMgr(). PopUpPickDir Funct File dir name chooser. Uses FileMgr(). PopUpPickFile Funct Filename chooser. Uses FileMgr(). PutDirLink Funct Put DolDoc dir macro to StdOut, DocPut. PutFileLink Funct Put DolDoc file,line link to StdOut, DocPut. ToFileLine Funct "FI:D:/Dir/File.HC,123" to "D:/Dir/File.HC" and 123. ToggleZorNotZ Funct MAlloc name with Z if not Z or vice versa.


CDirContext Class class CDirContext DirContextDel Funct Change back to old cur_dir and drv. DirContextNew Funct Save cur_dir and drv. Change to new dir. DirNew Funct Makes a directory entry in the directory from a CDirEntry node. DirTreeSerialize Funct Serialize tree returned from FilesFind() into a one contiguous U8 array. DirTreeUnserialize Funct Unserialize tree to make it like a tree returned from FilesFind().

File/Low Level

/* Graphics Not Rendered in HTML */ CFile BlkRead() BlkWrite() BlkDevChk Funct Check for valid BlkDev. Throw exception. BlkDevDel Funct Delete BlkDev BlkDevLock Funct Make this task have exclusive access to BlkDev. BlkDevNextFreeSlot Funct Locate free slot for new BlkDev, like during Mount(). BlkDevUnlock Funct Release exclusive lock on access to BlkDev. BlkDevsRelease Funct When task dies, release all owned BlkDevs. BlkRead Funct Read blk cnt from Drv to buf. BlkWrite Funct Write blk cnt from buf to Drv. BlkWriteZero Funct Fill blk cnt with zeros in Drv. CBlkDev Class class CBlkDev CDirEntry Class class CDirEntry CDrv Class class CDrv Clus2Blk Funct Drv clus num to blk num. ClusAlloc Funct Alloc clus cnt into chain. ClusBlkRead Funct Accepts blk count, so padding on last clus is not read. ClusBlkWrite Funct Accepts blk count, so padding on last clus is not written. ClusNumNext Funct Return next cnt'th clus in chain. ClusRead Funct Read clus cnt from drv to buf. ClusWrite Funct Write clus cnt from buf to drv. Drv2Let Funct Drv ptr to Drv letter. DrvChk Funct Check for valid drv. Throw exception. DrvDel Funct Delete drv DrvLock Funct Make this task have exclusive access to drv & BlkDev. DrvMakeFreeSlot Funct Make a slot free for a new drv, like during Mount(). DrvModelNum Funct 40 bytes max. DrvNextFreeLet Funct Locate free slot for new drv, like during Mount(). DrvSerialNum Funct 20 bytes max. DrvTextAttrGet Funct Get color of drive. DrvUnlock Funct Release exclusive lock on access to drv & BlkDev. DrvsRelease Funct When task dies, release all owned drvs. Let2BlkDev Funct Drv letter to BlkDev ptr. Let2BlkDevType Funct Drv letter to BlkDev Type. drv_let=0 not allowed. See BDT_NULL. Let2Drv Funct Drv letter to Drv ptr. Let2Let Funct Drv letter to Drv letter.

File/Program Routines

CDirEntry Class class CDirEntry DirEntryDel Funct Free node returned from FilesFind(). Doesn't Free user_data. DirEntryDel2 Funct Free node returned from FilesFind(). Frees user_data DirTreeDel Funct Free tree returned from FilesFind(). Doesn't Free user_data. DirTreeDel2 Funct Free tree returned from FilesFind(). Frees user_data FileCnt Funct Cnt of files in CDirEntry tree. FileFind Funct FUF_JUST_DIRS, FUF_JUST_FILES, FUF_Z_OR_NOT_Z, FUF_SCAN_PARENTS FileRead Funct Read whole file from disk. FileWrite Funct Write whole file to disk. FilesFind Funct See ::/Doc/FileUtils.DD. Size Funct Total size of files in mask. "+x" for expanded size.


ATAIDDrvs Funct This is for when trying to sort-out main hard drives and CD/DVD drives. ATARep Funct Report possible ATA devices by probing. Hard disks and CD/DVDs. CATARep Class class CATARep CBlkDevGlbls Class class CBlkDevGlbls DskCacheInvalidate Funct Needed for removable media. Called by DskChg(). MountIDEAuto Funct Try to mount hard drive and CD/DVD, automatically. (Kernel.Cfg option). blkdev GlbVar CBlkDevGlbls blkdev;