/* Graphics Not Rendered in HTML */ PopUpPrint User ExePrint PopUp ExePutS Core0 AdamTask SrvCmdLine AP SethTask UserCmdLine SrvTaskCont UserTaskCont JobsHndlr JobRunOne JobRunOne ExeCmdLine ExeCmdLine CJob nodes are one of five types. User applications deal with text or msgs. JobRunOne() will call a function, spawn a task or execute some text src code. #define JOBT_TEXT_INPUT 0 //TaskText() Feed StdIn #define JOBT_MSG 1 //TaskMsg() Post msg #define JOBT_EXE_STR 2 //TaskExe() Compile & execute src code text #define JOBT_CALL 3 //JobQue() Tell MP to call function #define JOBT_SPAWN_TASK 4 //Spawn() Tell MP to spawn task Several other routines include a call to JobsHndlr() that gives them powerful ability to execute servant cmds.


Adam Funct Make adam_task execute code. AdamErr Funct Display red blinking Err text in adam_task. AdamFile Funct Make adam_task execute file. AdamLog Funct Display text in adam_task. ExeCmdLine Funct Terminal JIT-compile-and-execute loop for CCmpCtrl. JobDel Funct Free one cmd node. JobQue Funct Queue multicore jobs, handled by Seth tasks. JobResGet Funct See ::/Demo/MultiCore/Lock.HC JobResScan Funct Check rqst complete, return with or without. JobsHndlr Funct Handle all waiting cmds and return. PopUp Funct Execute code in PopUp task. PopUpEd Funct Create PopUp win task and edit a doc. PopUpFile Funct ExeFile2() in PopUp task. Cont as User. PopUpPrint Funct Execute code in PopUp task. PopUpRunFile Funct ExeFile() with args using LastFun() in PopUp task. Spawn Funct Create task on core running at address. SrvTaskCont Funct Act as server task in a loop handling commands. TaskExe Funct Queues a request to compile and execute src code text. TaskRstAwaitingMsg Funct Pop-ups get parent messages so wake-up our pop-ups if we got a msg. UserTaskCont Funct Terminal key-input-execute loop.

Job/Text & Msgs

In Funct Send text to own input buffer. See ::/Demo/AcctExample/TOS/TOSDistro.HC. InFile Funct Send InFile code file to self. InStr Funct Send InFile code to self. Msg Funct Post message to current task and return immediately. PostMsg Funct Post message to a task and return immediately. See msg_code. PostMsgWait Funct Post message to a task and wait until task is idle.See msg_code. TaskMsg Funct Post message to servant task. Tell who the master task is. TaskText Funct Post StdIn text to servant task. Tell who the master task is. XTalk Funct Sends text to other task. See ::/Misc/OSTestSuite.HC. XTalkStr Funct Send InFile code to other task. XTalkStrWait Funct Send InFile code to other task and wait for it to idle. XTalkWait Funct Send text to other task and wait for it to idle.