CPUId Funct Do CPUID inst. CPURep Funct Report number of cores and clock freq. Carry Funct See ::/Demo/Carry.HC Fs Funct FS seg reg points to the current CTask. GetRAX Funct Get RAX register value. GetRBP Funct Get RBP register value. GetRFlags Funct Get RFlags register value. GetRSP Funct Get RSP register value. Gs Funct GS points to current CCPU. IntEntryGet Funct Get interrupt vector. IntEntrySet Funct Set interrupt vector. See IDTET_IRQ. LXchgI64 Funct Locked eXchange I64s. LXchgU16 Funct Locked eXchange U16s. LXchgU32 Funct Locked eXchange U32s. LXchgU8 Funct Locked eXchange U8s. PCIRep Funct Report description of PCI devices. Pop Funct Pop value from stk. Push Funct Push value on stk. SetMSR Funct Model Specific Reg See MSRs. SetRAX Funct Set RAX register value. SetRBP Funct Set RBP register value. SetRFlags Funct Set RFlags register value. SetRSP Funct Set RSP register value. SysHlt Funct Loops doing HLT inst. XchgI64 Funct eXchange I64s. XchgU16 Funct eXchange U16s. XchgU32 Funct eXchange U32s. XchgU8 Funct eXchange U8s.


CLFlush Funct Flush cache line inst. sys_cache_line_widthGlbVar I64 sys_cache_line_width; //CPU's Cache line width.

Processor/IO Port

InU16 Funct Read U16 from I/O port. InU32 Funct Read U32 from I/O port. InU8 Funct Read U8 from I/O port. OutU16 Funct Write U16 to I/O port. OutU32 Funct Write U32 to I/O port. OutU8 Funct Write U8 to I/O port. RepInU16 Funct Repeated read U16 from I/O port. RepInU32 Funct Repeated read U32 from I/O port. RepInU8 Funct Repeated read U8 from I/O port. RepOutU16 Funct Repeated write U16 to I/O port. RepOutU32 Funct Repeated write U32 to I/O port. RepOutU8 Funct Repeated write U8 to I/O port.

Processor/Page Tables

InvlPg Funct Invalidate page at addr inst. mem_page_size GlbVar _extern MEM_PAGE_SIZE U64 mem_page_size;