There are no streams in the traditional sense. The cmd line output gets sent to the cursor location of a document being edited and by using cursor keys, text can be injected all over the document. Sprites can be injected and are not serialized! Furthermore, the input can come from triggering macro widgets. See Doc Overview and Doc Routines. If you had a remote term and sent key Scan Codes, the user would press <CTRL-m> to access his Personal Menu to trigger his macros. However, the local ~/PersonalMenu.DD might differ from the remote, causing loss of sync between local and remote sessions. Also, the window size of local and remote might differ, so word-wrapped text would be different. Injecting output text with different windows sizes would cause remote and local documents to not be in sync. See Char Overview and Char Routines. You can send characters into StdIn. See In(), XTalk() and InFile. GetOutOfDollar Funct If a $ has been printed, print another $ to exit mode. IsSilent Funct Return StdOut turned-off? Print Funct Print("") Fmt Strings. See StrPrintJoin(). PrintErr Funct Print "Err:" and msg in blinking red. PrintWarn Funct Print "Warn:" and msg in blinking red. PutChars Funct Output chars. Up to 8 chars in a single U64. PutKey Funct See Keyboard Devices. Silent Funct Turn-off StdOut console text. (Not sound.) Type Funct Output txt or graphic file to command line.


DocD Funct Dump live chunk of mem showing offsets. Can be edited. DocDm Funct Dump live chunk of mem showing addresses. Can be edited. DocGR Funct Put a GR file into a document as asprite. DocPrint Funct You must not print partial doc cmds. DocPrintAtomic Funct Prints multiple whole cmds all-at-once. Might need this when printing trees. DocPrintPartial Funct Lets you print half a doc cmd, if you like. DocPutKey Funct PutKey(ch,sc) at doc insert pt, cur_entry. DocPutLine Funct Send line from other doc to StdOut DocPut. DocSprite Funct Put a sprite into a document. You can, optionally, supply a fmt string DocType Funct Output txt or graphic file to document. PopUpViewDoc Funct Pass doc to PopUp win task for viewing. PopUpViewPrint Funct View Print stmt in PopUp win task. Sprite Funct Put sprite to the command-line, DocPut. View Funct Go live for user interaction until <ESC> or <SHIFT-ESC>.


There is one CDoc for the task's border: Fs->border_doc. There is a pair for the task's client area: Fs->put_doc and Fs->display_doc. You can, optionally, do double buffering, otherwise Fs->put_doc is the same as Fs->display_doc. See ::/Demo/Spy.HC. DocBorder Funct Doc holding border of window text. DocBorderNew Funct Make new std border doc. DocDblBufEnd Funct See ::/Demo/Spy.HC DocDblBufStart Funct See ::/Demo/Spy.HC DocDblBufSwap Funct See ::/Demo/Spy.HC DocDisplay Funct StdOut displayed unless double buffering. DocPut Funct Current document that StdOut Put() goes to. DocTermNew Funct Make into term win task with Put/Display/Border docs.