/*Sprite graphics can be placed in src code. The binary graphic data is stored in the file after the text area. <CTRL-r> is used to generate a sprite. Press <CTRL-t> to toggle to plain text mode and see its text place holder $SP...$. You can place any text in the tag quotes or none. The text doesn't matter, but the BI=num does. The num identifies the sprite and can't be changed by you. Insert a ptr to a sprite by pressing <CTRL-r> and "Ptr to Sprite". This creates an "Insert Bin", $IB...$ DolDoc cmd you can see by toggling to text with <CTRL-t>. IB's behave like string consts in HolyC when compiled. That is, they are ptrs to data. This file uses the persistent graphic device context CDC, gr.dc, while the other demo's use gr.dc2 which must be redrawn at 30 fps by the window mgr task. This demo is simpler because you do not need a window update callback routine. */ <1>/* Graphics Not Rendered in HTML */ U0 SpritePlot() { CDC *dc=DCAlias; I64 i; DocClear; for (i=0;i<GR_WIDTH>>2;i++) { DCFill; Sprite3(dc,i,GR_HEIGHT>>1,0,<1>); Sleep(3); } "Image size:%d\n",<1>; DCDel(dc); PressAKey; DCFill; } SpritePlot;