A CSprite is an ordered list of these elements, created with <CTRL-r>. Normally, they are packed together in a list and the address of the first is passed to routines. See ::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePlot.HC, ::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePlot3D.HC, ::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePut.HC, ::/Demo/Graphics/SpriteRaw.HC and SpriteMeshEd(). Be aware that copying SP, IB, or IS entries with the clip results in duplicate entries with different nums. You can manually remove dups by editing with <CTRL -t> and setting to the original num. See ::/Adam/Gr/GrSpritePlot.HC for how CSprite are stored. CSprite Class class CSprite Code2Sprite Funct Text to sprite. DC2Sprite Funct Convert device context to sprite. GodDoodleSprite Funct Make God draw sprite. Holy Spirit Instructions Sprite2Code Funct Sprite to text. Sprite2DC Funct Convert sprite to device context. Sprite3 Funct Plot a sprite into a CDC. Sprite3B Funct Plot a sprite into a CDC, post transform xyz translation. Sprite3Mat4x4B Funct Plot rotated by matrix. Sprite3XB Funct Plot rotated around X axis. Sprite3YB Funct Plot rotated around Y axis. Sprite3ZB Funct Plot rotated around Z axis. SpriteElem2Summary Funct Study ::/Demo/Graphics/SpriteText.HC. SpriteExtents Funct Ignores flood fills. SpriteInterpolate Funct The two CSprite should be ident except for points shifted around. SpriteSize Funct Walk sprite elements and return size of sprite as binary data. SpriteTransform Funct Rotate Sprite using 4x4 matrix. Uses fixed-point.


CSprite Class class CSprite CSpriteBase Class class CSpriteBase CSpriteColor Class class CSpriteColor : CSpriteBase CSpriteDitherColor Class class CSpriteDitherColor : CSpriteBase CSpriteMeshU8s Class class CSpriteMeshU8s : CSpriteBase CSpriteNumPtU8s Class class CSpriteNumPtU8s : CSpriteBase CSpriteNumU8s Class class CSpriteNumU8s : CSpriteBase CSpritePt Class class CSpritePt : CSpriteBase CSpritePtMeshU8s Class class CSpritePtMeshU8s : CSpriteBase CSpritePtPt Class class CSpritePtPt : CSpritePt CSpritePtPtAng Class class CSpritePtPtAng : CSpritePtPt CSpritePtRad Class class CSpritePtRad : CSpritePt CSpritePtStr Class class CSpritePtStr : CSpritePt CSpritePtWH Class class CSpritePtWH : CSpritePt CSpritePtWHAng Class class CSpritePtWHAng : CSpritePtWH CSpritePtWHAngSides Class class CSpritePtWHAngSides : CSpritePtWHAng CSpritePtWHU8s Class class CSpritePtWHU8s : CSpritePtWH CSpriteT Class class CSpriteT : CSpriteBase